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Co Founder of : US Business Team 
We help our clients develop new revenue opportunities through customized sales & marketing campaigns and targeted new business development.
Available for:
  • Leadership Trainings / Personal Development

  • Conferences & Seminars / Ministry & Church Events

  • Non- Profit Organizations / Panel Discussions

  • Keynote Speaker / TV & Radio Interviews

Dr. Walton’s work has been seen on:  

   ●  BET

   ●  WB33 South Florida

   ●  Houston Chronicle

   ●  Our Wedding Magazine

   ●  Diamond Elite Magazine

Under The Hood
A Preview Into A Man’s Mental Engine

So let’s start this by addressing some of the basics of building a solid relationship with a man and then we’ll go a little deeper. Most women have wanted to know the answer to these hot topics.

What happens in the mind of a man?
Why do men cheat?
Why do men have a hard time relating to me? Why can’t I find a good man?
Why don’t men commit?

& more........

                                                                           Download Your Copy 


Husband | Father |Visionary

Dr. Christopher Walton is the “Master of Life Parables”, as his colleagues refer to him. His ability to take a simple concept and turn it into a full fledged “think-tank” has allowed him to create a niche and  a relationship with his audience that few have accomplished. Dr. Chris travels and speaks on stages throughout the world inspiring Men, Women and Children to Dream Big, Think Big, and Do Big. He has always had a passion for family and understanding the dynamics of a strong home foundation. He has been married to his wife for 16 years and together they have 3 kids.

His latest book, Under the Hood, A preview into a Man’s Mental Engine, gives insights into how to build strong, healthy, and meaningful relationships as a major component in everyone’s life.

Dr. Christopher Walton is no stranger to hard work and determination. He entered the world of entrepreneurship over 15 years ago and has earned recognition from his peers both nationally and internationally. Having served in the US Military and as a Firefighter, Dr. Chris speaks to the core of his audience from a place of humility, commitment, and servitude. His story of triumph includes overcoming homelessness and poverty, and rebuilding an international brand from the ground floor up.



Ambassador-At-Large to the United Nations

Life Coach


Tel: 832-779-7014

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Speaking Topics Include:
   The Blueprint to Understanding the Man in your Life;  Strategies for Rebuilding your LIfe;  The Right way to use Video Media and Technology for your Organization;  Modern Parables for an Effective Life


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